2023-2024 Catalog

Film Production

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Certificate in Applied Science

30 Credit Hours

This certificate program provides instruction in a broad spectrum of film production skills including lighting, cinematography, sound and equipment maintenance and handling. These courses will be combined with practical experience to enhance the learning process.

Major Requirements

FLM 152 Film Equipment 3
FLM 153 Film Lighting 3
FLM 155 Film Production I 3
FLM 156 Film Production II 3
FLM 269 Film Production Practicum 6
MAP 101 Audio Techniques I 3
MAP 110 Editing I 3
MAP 120 Image Production I 3
MAP 130 Lighting Fundamentals 3

Total:   30

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.