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General Technology - Marine Stewardship

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Associate in Applied Science in General Technology

Marine Stewardship Career Path

63 Credit Hours


The General Technology major allows students to select course work necessary to become multi-skilled technicians. In addition to completing the college’s core curriculum, students also complete course work in at least two technical areas. The following is an example of a career path available. The secondary paths may be substituted for courses in other programs’ primary path. Interested students should talk with their advisors.

This career path prepares students for positions as professional cooks and will provide students with the opportunity and fundamental knowledge to work aboard Unites States Merchant Mariner vessels upon successful completion of TTC's initial course work in the General Education Core and Primary Technical Specialty requirements. Students study both theory and practical kitchen applications of the requirements of quality food preparation and demonstrate and apply culinary skills while working with a mentor as an apprentice in both culinary and baking/pastry.

Students can earn only one General Technology degree in a single career path.

General Education Core Requirements

IDS 109 First Year Experience Seminar 3

REQ COM Select from Communication 3
REQ HUM Select from Humanities 3
REQ SSC Select from Behavioral/Social Sciences 3
REQ MAT Select from Mathematics/Natural Sciences 3

Total:   15

Primary Technical Specialty Requirements

BKP 101 Introduction to Baking 3
BKP 102 Introduction to Pastries 3
BKP 109 Introduction to Cakes and Decorating 3
CUL 104 Introduction to Culinary Arts 3
CUL 105 Kitchen Fundamentals 3
CUL 112 Classical Foundations of Cooking 3
CUL 118 Nutritional Cooking 3
CUL 123 American Bistro 3
CUL 171 Food and Beverage Controls 3
CUL 215 Cuisine of the Americas 3
CUL 216 International Cuisine 3
CUL 178 Farm to Plate 3 *
CUL 180 French Regional Cuisines 3 *
CUL 186 Mediterranean Cuisine 3 *
CUL 187 Cuisines of Asia 3 *
CUL 188 Italian Regional Cuisine 3 *
CUL 242 Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine 3 *


     *CUL Elective (Choose One) for 3 credits.

Total:   36

Secondary Technical Specialty Requirements

CUL 001 Culinary Non-equivalent *
CUL 277 SCWE in Culinary Arts 3 **
CUL 297 Advanced Stagerie 3 **
MNT 001 Marine and Nautical Technology Non-Equiivalent *
FST 001 Fire Science Technology Non-equivalent *

*Students may receive a maximum of 2 CUL credits, 2 FST credits, and 2 MNT credits for non-equivalent course work.

**Students will receive experiential credit upon completion of requisite hours of steward training in a  galley apprenticeship.

Total:   12

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.