2022-2023 Catalog

Health Sciences

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To meet the ever-expanding demand for qualified health sciences professionals, TTC’s Division of Health Sciences offers a wide array of associate degree, diploma and certificate programs.

These programs combine classroom instruction, laboratory experience and clinical practice to assure that students obtain the most current and the highest- level skills in their chosen health professions.

Students interested in Health Sciences programs may obtain admission requirements information, course sequences, class schedules, program costs and job opportunities by consulting a faculty advisor or by accessing the Health Sciences webpage at www.tridenttech.edu/academics/divisions/hlthsc/index.htm. Contact your assigned academic advisor for an appointment. Academic advisors are assigned as part of the college orientation process conducted in the Hub/Orientation Centers on each campus through a walk-in service. 

General Information
Professional courses for Health Sciences programs are offered in sequence and require up to two years for completion.

Applicants who meet college and program requirements will be considered qualified and will be admitted on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis. Qualified applicants will be notified via my.tridenttech.edu email indicating the year and semester that they have been admitted. Note:  when the number of applicants qualifying at the same time exceeds the number of spaces available in the program, admission will be prioritized according to the date and time the Health sciences application was received in the Admissions Office.

Students may be required to provide a completed, current Health Sciences – Student Health Record including all immunizations and titers, TB (PPD) tests, as well as current Healthcare Provider CPR certification, major medical insurance and medical professional liability coverage.

Students will be notified by my.tridenttech.edu email the date and time of the mandatory program orientation. Failure to attend will result in forfeiture of seat in the program.

Health Sciences students are required to follow stringent safety procedures, including, but not limited to, OSHA’s Standard Precautions for handling potentially infectious materials.

Students are required to purchase uniforms in most programs and laboratory supplies and materials in some programs.

Students will be assigned to off-campus clinics and must have reliable transportation. 

Course Progression
For all Health Sciences programs, students must earn a C or better in all required courses to progress through the program.

Criminal Background Check / Drug Screening
Most students enrolled in Health Sciences programs will be required to complete a criminal background check and will be subjected to a random drug screening. Results of the criminal background check and/or drug screening may affect the student’s ability to complete program requirements and/or become credentialed. (Conviction of a felony could make a student ineligible to take the licensing exam(s) required by the profession upon graduation. Early notification to the appropriate board may be required. Faculty advisors will provide information about this procedure). Only criminal background checks and drug screenings conducted through the college-approved agency will be accepted. Faculty advisors will provide information about the criminal background check and drug screening procedure at program information and orientation sessions. 

Readmission to a Program
A student who receives a U, W, D or F in any required curriculum course, or who receives an unacceptable/unsatisfactory professional development evaluation in a Health Sciences course will not be continued in the Health Sciences program. Students who have been removed from the program, will also have their program of study (major) closed through the Registrar's office. This could result in a change in the students' financial aid status as well as the ability to register for further classes. A student may request to be considered for readmission by submitting a request to the program coordinator; however, readmission is not automatic.