2022-2023 Catalog

Computer Engineering Transfer - The Citadel

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This certificate allows the student to select course work to transfer into The Citadel’s BS in Computer Engineering curriculum. An articulation agreement between The Citadel and TTC allows students to enroll at TTC with the following courses approved for transfer to The Citadel.

Required Courses

Please work with an advisor for actual course offerings, scheduling, and prerequisites.

ECE 205 Electrical and Computer Lab I 3
ECE 221 Introduction to Electrical Engineering I 3
ECE 222 Introduction to Electrical Engineering II 3
EGR 269 Engineering Disciplines and Skills 2
EGR 274 Engineering Applications of Numerical Methods 3
EGR 275 Introduction to Engineering/Computer Graphics 3
EGR 281 Introduction to Algorithmic Design I 4
EGR 283 Introduction to Algorithmic Design II 4
MAT 242 Differential Equations 4
PHY 221 University Physics I 4
PHY 222 University Physics II 4

Total:   37


Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.