2022-2023 Catalog

Student Responsibilities

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General Responsibility

As a student, you are responsible for being informed of all policies and procedures required to attend TTC, most of which are found in this Catalog and the TTC Student Handbook. You may review all TTC policies and procedures in the offices of the Registrar, Student Activities, Vice President for Student Services, and Counseling and Career Development Services. College regulations will not be waived because a student pleads ignorance of established policies and procedures. If you are unsure of any procedure, you should seek help or clarification from the Assistant Vice President of Student Services’ office or an academic advisor.

Academic policies and procedures are subject to change. If changes occur, they will be published in the next Catalog, Student Handbook or Policies and Procedures manual, all of which can be accessed on TTC’s website.

Student Responsibilities

Essential student information about TTC is available at www.tridenttech.edu > Get Started > Essential Consumer Information, in accordance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 2008.

It is recommended that you review and update your contact information at least once each semester. Contact information includes your mailing address and phone number(s). 

Verify and update your contact information in your User Profile in TTC Self Service. You can locate Self Service via your my.tridenttech.edu portal.

Placement Testing Changes

Entry-level placement test score requirements are subject to change.


As an applicant to TTC, you are responsible for making sure that all required documents are sent to the appropriate college office by the appropriate deadlines.

All documents submitted to the college become the permanent property of TTC. Therefore, the college will not copy documents for or distribute them to students.

Student Debts

The S.C. Tax Commission supports TTC by collecting any delinquent accounts or debts owed by former or current students from students’ tax refunds.

The Setoff Debt Collection Act of 1988 allows the S.C. Tax Commission to assist any state agency in the collection of any delinquent account or debt. For more information, call 843.574.6124.

Returned Checks

If you give TTC a bad check to pay any fee, you will be assessed a service charge in accordance with current law and will be given 10 days to pay the fees and any penalty fee. During this 10-day period your classes may be cancelled. If the check and service fee have not been paid within 10 days, TTC may take legal action to collect the check with court costs and fees added to the amount of the original check.

The Code of Laws of South Carolina provides for a fine of not less than $50 or a term of imprisonment for drawing and uttering dishonored checks.

Disabilities-Related Needs

The college complies with relevant provisions of SEC 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. Appropriate, reasonable accommodations based on current medical and/or psychological documentation can be provided. If you need and qualify for these services, contact Services for Students with Disabilities, prior to the beginning of the semester if possible, at 843.574.6131 or TTY hearing-impaired phone 843.574.6351 for more information and assistance. Details on policies and procedures are available at www.tridenttech.edu.

Communication to Students

TTC corresponds with students through the college’s official student email found in the student portal at my.tridenttech.edu to confirm the student’s identity and maintain the privacy and security of student records. College responses to student email inquiries for personally identifiable student information occur only through the official student email system to protect the student’s confidential student records. Students are responsible for checking TTC student email and other Portal accounts on a regular basis for important college information about financial aid, payment deadlines, college events and announcements.

The college does not mail bills to students and expects students to access their financial information in TTC Self Service each semester to determine the balance owed by the payment deadline.