2022-2023 Catalog

Publisher Statement

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Although the editor and publisher of this catalog have made every reasonable effort to attain factual accuracy herein, no responsibility is assumed for editorial, clerical or other errors or errors occasioned by mistakes. The editor and publisher have attempted to present information that, at the time of preparation for posting, most accurately described the course offerings; faculty information; academic and administrative policies, procedures, regulations and requirements; and the support services of the college. Information on program graduation rates is available on TTC’s website. This online catalog does not constitute a contract between TTC and its students or applicants for admission or with any other person. TTC reserves the right to change, without notice, any statement in this catalog, including, but not limited to, statements concerning tuition, fees, charges, academic regulations and requirements, course cancellations, class size, instructors, curricula, calendars, credits, or any other college activity or program. Changes will become effective whenever the appropriate TTC authorities so determine.

See TTC’s website for current information. It is especially important to keep apprised of current graduation requirements for your degree program. Catalog users should inquire as to whether changes in this catalog have been made since the date of posting.

All courses listed in this catalog are offered only if there is adequate demand and if faculty and facilities are available to provide a qualified instructor and appropriate meeting place. All courses are not offered every semester. For updated course listings, check TTC’s website under Course Search. TTC provides programs of study with faculty and academic support that are believed to be appropriate to achieve the academic objectives of this institution. Acceptance into a program of study does not guarantee registration into the courses the college may offer each semester in the program of study. The college does not guarantee, however, that the completion of any course or program of study will result in the acquisition of knowledge or skills or will enable you to pass or complete any specific examination for any course, degree or license. The college holds that the acquisition of knowledge is contingent upon your ability, desire to learn and application of efforts.