2020-2021 Catalog

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

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Certificate in Applied Science

12 Credit Hours

This certificate is designed for students who want to expand their knowledge and skills in pre-hospital medicine in the professions of EMS or the fire services.

Upon successful completion of the program , the student is eligible to attempt the applicable psychomotor evaluation and cognitive testing for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Major Requirements

BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
EMS 107 Advanced Emergency Care I 2
EMS 108 Advanced Emergency Care II 3
EMS 115 International Trauma Life Support 1
EMS 219 Advanced EMS Field Internship II 2

Total:   12

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.

Program Admission Requirements

Upon admission to the College and submission of official high school and college transcripts, complete the online Health Sciences Application through the TTC portal. Once the Application is received, complete the following prerequisite steps:

A. Achieve the qualifying scores on the TTC placement test, SAT or ACT; or achieve a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0 from high school within the last five years; or complete RWR 100 Integrated Transitional Reading and English and MAT 101 Beginning Algebra with a minimum grade of C; or complete the equivalent courses with a minimum grade of C from an approved, regionally accredited postsecondary institution.

B. Achieve a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA at the time of acceptance and at date of entry into the program based on classes taken within five years of acceptance into the program.

C.Submit proof of attendance of a mandatory advising session with full-time EMT faculty.

D.Provide proof of CPR, completion of Emergency Medical Technician Certificate program within the past year with scheduled practical and cognitive test dates, or be a current certified Emergency Medical Technician, minimum National Registry with Stare of South Carolina preferred.