2020-2021 Catalog

Sustainable Horticulture and Landscaping

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Certificate in Applied Science

17 Credit Hours

The Sustainable Horticulture and Landscaping certificate addresses current environmental issues. The coursework stresses the conservation of resources to maintain a sustainable urban and suburban landscape. Graduates will be well versed in new developments in landscape construction and current horticultural practices that minimize the impact on the environment and foster healthy habitats.

Major Requirements

HRT 106 Ornamentals 2
HRT 107 Woody Ornamentals 2
HRT 125 Soils 4
HRT 144 Plant Pests 3
HRT 153 Landscape Construction 3
HRT 169 Sustainability in Horticulture 3

Total:   17

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.