2020-2021 Catalog

Golf Course Maintenance

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Certificate in Applied Science

23 Credit Hours

The Golf Course Maintenance certificate program provides short-term training for individuals employed in golf course maintenance and those wishing to enter the field. The program is structured so that novice students can develop basic skills, and those individuals currently employed at golf courses can upgrade their skills through formal course work combined with on-the-job training. This on-the-job training consists of supervised work experience in which students are placed at a golf course for hands-on practice with chemical and fertilizer application equipment as well as training in routine maintenance practices. Students must see the Horticulture faculty for more information.

Major Requirements

CWE 112 Cooperative Work Experience 2
HRT 110 Plant Form and Function 4
HRT 121 Commercial Irrigation 3
HRT 125 Soils 4
HRT 144 Plant Pests 3
HRT 240 Pesticides 4
HRT 241 Turf Management 3

Total:   23
Admission into this program requires qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or TTC’s placement test. High school graduation is not required if you are at least 18 years old.