2020-2021 Catalog


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Certificate in Applied Science

39 Credit Hours

This certificate prepares students for entry into the cosmetology career field by providing instruction in basic skills and theory. The program also prepares students to take their licensure exams and emphasizes service skills necessary for salon and spa employment.

Major Requirements

COS 101 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 3
COS 106 Facials and Makeup 3
COS 108 Nail Care 3
COS 110 Scalp and Hair Care 3
COS 112 Shampoo and Rinses 4
COS 114 Hair Shaping 4
COS 116 Hair Styling I 4
COS 120 Manikin Practice 3
COS 206 Chemical Hair Waving 3
COS 210 Hair Coloring 3
COS 220 Cosmetology Clinical Practice I 3
COS 222 Cosmetology Clinical Practice II 3

Total:   39

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (no correspondence schools) or GED and qualifying placement levels.