2019-2020 Catalog

Industrial Mechanic

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Certificate in Applied Science

27 Credit Hours

The Industrial Mechanic program prepares students for employment in industrial mechanics. This program teaches skills required for troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of mechanical systems.

IMT prefix courses are available based on demand. See your program advisor.

Major Requirements

IMT 105 Mechanical Sketching 2
IMT 124 Pumps 2
IMT 132 Hydraulics 2
IMT 133 Pneumatics 2
IMT 151 Piping Systems 3
IMT 160 Preventive Maintenance 3
IMT 161 Mechanical Power Applications 4
IMT 163 Problem Solving for Mechanical Applications 3
IMT 210 Basic Industrial Skills I 3
IMT 211 Basic Industrial Skills II 3

Total:   27
Admission into this program requires qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or TTC’s placement test. High school graduation is not required if you are at least 18 years old.