2019-2020 Catalog

Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals

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Certificate in Applied Science

30 Credit Hours

This program introduces students to workplace safety, blueprint reading, precision measuring, basic conventional machining and CNC operations including set-up and programming. Students are prepared for entry-level employment in the metal- working industry.

Major Requirements

EGT 106 Print Reading and Sketching 3
IET 223 Industrial Safety 3
MTT 111 Machine Tool Theory and Practice I 5
MTT 112 Machine Tool Theory and Practice II 5
MTT 143 Precision Measurements 2
MTT 145 Machining of Metals 3
MTT 250 Principles of CNC 3
MTT 251 CNC Operations 3
MTT 253 CNC Programming and Operations 3

Total:   30
Admission into this program requires qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or the TTC placement test. High school graduation is not required if you are at least 18 years old.