2019-2020 Catalog

Electrician - Construction

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Certificate in Applied Science

20 Credit Hours

The Electrician: Construction certificate program prepares you for employment in the electrical construction trade. Emphasis is placed on electrical theory, wiring techniques, electrical equipment installations and license preparation in accordance with the latest edition of the National Electrical Code.

Major Requirements

EEM 108 Basic Industrial Skills I 2
EEM 110 Basic Industrial Skills II 2
EEM 138 National Electrical Code I 2
EEM 139 National Electrical Code II 2
EEM 163 Residential Wiring I 2
EEM 164 Residential Wiring II 2
EEM 167 Commercial-Industrial Wiring I 2
EEM 168 Commercial-Industrial Wiring II 2
EEM 173 Electrical Installation I 2
EEM 174 Electrical Installation II 2

Total:   20
Admission into this program requires qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or TTC’s placement test. High school graduation is not required if you are at least 18 years old.