2019-2020 Catalog

Electrical Line Worker - Third Class

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Certificate in Applied Science

17 Credit Hours

The purpose of the Electrical Line Worker Program is to prepare the student to enter the electric utility industry as an apprentice with a broad understanding of the skills, knowledge, safe work practices and physical ability required to perform line work. During the Electrical Line Worker: Third Class program, offered in its entirety both Fall and Spring semesters, students will receive classroom and field training in math, electrical circuit analysis, power systems including Ohm’s Law, AC and DC theory and analysis, generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and transformer theory. Climbing techniques are strongly emphasized. Safety and teamwork are demonstrated and emphasized in all phases of training.

Major Requirements

ELW 110 Electrical Computations 2
ELW 111 Introduction to Electrical Line Worker 3
ELW 112 Introduction to Electricity 3
ELW 114 Overhead Line Construction I 3
ELW 211 Underground Line Construction I 3
ELW 231 Electrical Power Systems 3

Total:   17
Admission into this program requires qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or TTC’s placement test. High school graduation or GED is required and you must be at least 18 years old. Students must hold a valid driver’s license. Students must also be comfortable working at considerable heights and physically fit. Industries will require prospective employees to pass a background check as well as a drug and alcohol screening.