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Byrone's Story

Byrone has worked in virtually every Wild Dunes restaurant...

--Byrone Porcher, Apprenticeship Pathway: Culinary Arts


BYRONE PORCHER, a 2017 graduate of Wando High School and the Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeship Program, is a Line Chef with Wild Dunes Resort on IOP, where he spent his two-year apprenticeship. Wild Dunes is a Destination Hotels property, and Destination Hotels is the fourth largest independent hospitality management company in the country. Byrone has worked in virtually every Wild Dunes restaurant, has been trained in catering large-scale events, and is being considered for a position to run the resort’s summer seasonal dining option. In 2018, Byrone was part of a showcase of select programs from around the country durng an event on Capitol Hill arranged by the National Skills Coalition.