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Information Systems

A.A.S. in Computer Technology

Computer Programming
This program prepares students for employment as programmers. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Information Systems Specialist
This program prepares students for careers in a variety of information technology areas. It gives students a foundation in computer hardware, computer applications, computer programming, the Internet and computer networking. Information systems administrators are involved in many different aspects of computer technology and can expect to employ their skills in a variety of ways to assist all computer users in commercial settings. This program also allows students to become independent contractors, working with individuals and small businesses to overcome computer-related problems. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Certificates in Applied Science

Internet Programming
This certificate program prepares students for employment with companies looking for Internet programming professionals. Starting with a basic computer class, students progress course by course to a skill level where they can work in any Internet programming environment. The curriculum uses many of the current programming languages to teach students how to design, build, manipulate and maintain business websites. - Detailed Information (PDF)
Gainful Employment Disclosure

Microcomputer Business Applications
The Microcomputer Business Applications program prepares you for microcomputer (personal computer) business applications specialist jobs. It is for students who are employed in businesses that use or want to use microcomputer word processing, spreadsheet and database software packages. Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel and Access are thoroughly explored in this program. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Microcomputer Expert User
The Microcomputer Expert User program trains students to the level of expert in all applications in the Microsoft Office suite and Microsoft SharePoint Designer. Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or the TTC placement test. You must be able to demonstrate basic computer skills through a credit course (CPT 101 or 102), transfer credit or credit by examination for CPT 101 or 102. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Faculty Advisors for the Department of Information Systems

Computer Technology:
Carter Burns, Department Head
Bldg. 200/Rm. 110

If the first letter of your last name is A - B, your advisor is:
Tom Brady, Instructor
Bldg. 920/Rm. 602C

If the first letter of your last name is C - D, your advisor is:
Jackqulin Green, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 228

If the first letter of your last name is E-F, your advisor is:
Barbara Fogle, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 136

If the first letter of your last name is G, your advisor is:
Lynne Stuhr, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 138

If the first letter of your last name is H - K, your advisor is:
Reta Chambliss, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 227 

If the first letter of your last name is L - M, your advisor is:
Jane Cothran, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 123

If the first letter of your last name is N - R, your advisor is:
Charles Gable, Instructor, Coordinator
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 125

If the first letter of your last name is S - U, your advisor is:
Anderson Jackson, Instructor
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 132

If the first letter of your last name is V - Z, your advisor is:
Carter Burns, Department Head
Main Campus, Bldg. 200/Rm. 110

Palmer Campus your advisor is:
Suzanne Joiner, Instructor
Rm. 249