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A.A.S. in Business Administration

Customer Service
The Business Administration/Customer Service career path prepares students for careers in service-related industries, including the fundamentals of customer service and the makeup of service businesses. Students will study customer relationship management, process standards, measurement systems and the importance of human assets in a firm's internal network along with the philosophy of customer service. - Detailed Information (PDF)

International Business
The Business Administration/International Business career path prepares students for careers in the international business environment. This career path includes studies in the global aspects of business, marketing, economics and management, and their applications to the international arena. - Detailed Information (PDF)

The Business Administration/Marketing career path prepares students for careers in the various aspects of marketing including retailing, sales and advertising. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services as well as the concepts of merchandising. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Small Business/Entrepreneurship
The Business Administration/Entrepreneurship career path prepares students for owning and operating a small business. Students will gain knowledge in all aspects of small business ownership including management, risk and day-to-day operation. Students will also develop a business plan. - Detailed Information (PDF)

A.A.S. in Management

Business Information Systems
The Management/Business Information Systems career path prepares students with the skills to be competitive in the emerging technologies and advances in business information systems and processes. The program provides students with a broad overview of various computer and information technologies needed in the 21st century business environment. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Human Resources
The Management/Human Resources career path prepares students for careers in human resource departments of business and government. Students will study the challenges facing human resources organizations in social and economic environments. This program offers a practical understanding of wages, salaries, hiring and benefit systems. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Leadership Development
The Management/Leadership Development career path develops leadership skills and provides students with an understanding of the basic functions of management. The program prepares students with a foundation to build personal skills, develop effective work teams, and enhance workplace and individual performance. The program includes a major emphasis in the development of group and individual competencies in effective oral communication skills. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Management career path provides students with the basic concepts of traditional supply chain techniques and the activities involved in sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing of the final products or services provided. The Supply Chain career path combines traditional costing methods with a focus on long-term sustainability of the organization, and relationships with employees, supplies, vendors, customers and the public. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Transportation and Logistics
The Management/Transportation and Logistics career path provides students with an understanding of transportation and logistics and their economic impact on the business environment. The program prepares students to better understand transportation infrastructure, importing/exporting, warehousing, shipping and customer service. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Certificates in Applied Science

Small Business/Entrepreneurship
This certificate offers students the opportunity to focus on entrepreneurial aspects of business. Instructional topics include evaluation, planning, communication, supervision and business database management. The certificate also gives students the foundation to successfully venture into the 21st century in a small business environment. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Business Information Systems
This certificate program provides a broad overview of software, database management and application packages. Emphasis is placed on information systems used in the business environment. Students gain general competency in using microcomputers for management and decision making. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Leadership Development
This certificate program provides you with the necessary skills to succeed in the competitive workplace of the 21st century. Studies in leadership, supervision, business technology and decision-making augment the traditional skills required in business and industry. - Detailed Information (PDF)

Faculty Advisors for the Department of Business

Melicent Middlebrook
Department Head
843.574.6080, email Melicent Middlebrook
Bldg. 200/Rm. 115

General Business:
If your last name begins with the letter  A - E:
Your advisor is:

Mike Dale, Instructor
843.574.6174, email Mike Dale
Bldg. 200/Rm. 111

If your last name begins with the letter  F - J:
Your advisor is:

Ron Scott, Instructor
843.574.6640, email Ron Scott
Bldg. 200/Rm. 116

If your last name begins with the letter K - O:
Your advisor is:

Darryl Goodman, Instructor
843.574.6648, email Darryl Goodman
Bldg. 200/Rm. 120

If your last name begins with the letter P - T:
Your advisor is:

Victor Lipe, Instructor
843.574.6762, email Victor Lipe
Bldg. 200/Rm. 133

If your last name begins with the letter U - Z:
Your advisor is:

Michael Szymanowski, Instructor
843.574.6072, email Michael Szymanowski
Bldg. 200/Rm.112


If your last name begins with the letter A - G, your advisor is:
Daryl Milligan, Instructor, Coordinator
Bldg. 200/Rm. 121

If your last name begins with the letter H - M, your advisor is:
Chris Ross, Instructor
Bldg. 200/Rm. 117

If your last name begins with the letter N - R, your advisor is:
Ray Snyder, Instructor
Bldg. 200/Rm. 130

If your last name begins with the letter S - Z, your advisor is:
Ernest Long, Instructor
Bldg. 200/Rm.119