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Chemistry courses are designed primarily to provide transferable credit for bachelor and master’s degree programs at other academic institutions.

In general, the chemistry courses have prerequisites of successful completion of College Algebra as there are significant levels of problem-solving skills required. The two-semester sequences in General Chemistry (CHM 110 and CHM 111) and Organic Chemistry (CHM 211 and CHM 212) are sequential and so cannot be taken concurrently.

Other chemistry courses that are offered include:

  • Introductory Chemistry (CHM 100) is available for students with little or no background knowledge of chemistry and/or insufficient math prerequisites.
  • A one-semester survey of General Organic and Biochemistry (CHM 105) is provided for students in the Dental Hygiene Associate Degree program.
  • A one-semester Survey of Organic Chemistry (CHM 201) with no laboratory component is offered to students primarily aiming to transfer to the Physician’s Assistant program at MUSC.

Chemistry courses consist typically of 45 hours per semester of lecture in the classroom, and 45 hours of practical work in the laboratory.