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Homeland Security Management

Associate Degree

Homeland Security Management

Workforce Training Programs

SLED Safeguard SC: Classroom Instructor Training

SLED Safeguard SC: Classroom Training Annual Recertification

SLED Safeguard SC: Firearms Instructor Certification

SLED Safeguard SC: Firearms Training Officer Annual Recertification

What can I do in homeland security?

Homeland security is about protecting people, property and infrastructure while minimizing economic impacts of natural and man-made crises. This field offers employment in private security, emergency management and Department of Homeland Security.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

The successful homeland security manager must possess good communication, critical-thinking and decision-making skills, as he or she will need to anticipate problems, make timely decisions and communicate them to others. Good interpersonal skills are needed to work with government agencies, law enforcement officials and the general public. If in a position of leadership, he or she must be able to organize and train a variety of people to ensure effective responses to emergency situations. This career is best suited for self-starters who are service oriented and possess a curiosity that lends itself to investigations.

Where can I work?

Careers are in disciplines including police, fire, emergency medical, public health, and emergency management. Opportunities are available in cyberspace security, counterterrorism and intelligence analysis, private security, law enforcement, customs, border patrol, foreign service and the FBI and Secret Service. Working conditions vary widely depending on the type of job, with some being in office situations and others requiring outdoor work.

Homeland security employees and managers may be on call at times and may need to work overtime to respond to emergencies and support emergency management operations. Others may work evenings and weekends to meet with various community groups in preparing their emergency response plans. Overtime or unusual hours may be required, and work can be stressful during disasters and emergencies.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

The Homeland Security program at Trident Technical College prepares students for their careers through the development of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for leadership in homeland security including international and domestic terrorism, infrastructure protection, strategic planning for security, international relations, intelligence operations, and evaluation and program management.