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14-1-0 Learning Resources Centers - Use of Resources Policy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Area Commission
  3. Information Technology
  4. Plans and Analysis
  5. Marketing
  6. Financial Affairs
  7. Facilities Management
  8. Human Resources and Employee Relations
  9. Development
  10. Procurement and Inventory Control
  11. Auxiliary Enterprises and Printing Services
  12. Public Safety
  13. Academic Affairs
  14. Learning Resources

    14-0-1 Digital Resources Acquisition

    14-0-4 Duplication and Use of Copyrighted Material

    14-1-0 Learning Resources Centers - Use of Resources Policy

    14-1-1 Library Materials, Overdue

    14-2-0 Learning Resources Centers - Collection Development Policy

    14-2-3 Learning Resources Centers - Materials Acquisition

    14-2-4 Acquisition of Consumable Books and Periodicals

    14-2-6 Repair, Replacement, Removal and Preservation of Materials

    14-2-7 Archives

  15. Continuing Education and Economic Development
  16. Admissions and Registrar
  17. Student Services

NUMBER: 14-1-0 APPROVED DATE: 05-18-1999

The Learning Resources Centers (LRCs or Libraries) are established to provide resources and facilities for the use of the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Trident Technical College. The LRCs membership in two consortia, the Partnership of South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL) and the Charleston Area Library Consortium (CALC) also allow reciprocal use of its resources and facilities by current students, faculty and staff of consortia member institutions.

Reviewed: 10-13-2009

Reviewed: 03-10-2015

Updated: 05-28-2019