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13-9-1 Student Privacy, Distance Learning


NUMBER:  13-9-1          APPROVED DATE:  05-02-2016

LEGAL AUTHORITY:  Section 59-53-51 of the 1976 Code of Laws of South Carolina as Amended

BASED ON POLICY NUMBER AND TITLE:  SBTCE Policy 4-4-105 Information Security

PURPOSE:  Protecting the Privacy of Students Enrolled in Distance Education Courses or Programs

This Student Privacy, Distance Learning procedure defines Trident Technical College’s commitment to protecting the privacy of students enrolled in distance courses and programs.

The Assistant Vice President for Educational Technology and The Online College has responsibility for ensuring compliance with State and Federal guidelines and SACSCOC accreditation standards related to distance learning.

Student Records, Confidentiality: Trident Technical College (TTC) protects the security, confidentiality, and integrity of its student records. TTC considers the security, accuracy and retrieval of all student records including those enrolled in distance learning courses as an essential component of the college’s operations as described in TTC Procedure 16-7-1. All aspects of TTC Procedure 16-7-1, “Student Records, Confidentiality” will apply to online students enrolled in distance education courses and programs.

Data Security and Protection:  TTC is committed to ensuring an environment that will protect the privacy and personal information of all students, including those enrolled in distance learning courses.

TTC’s Information Security Plan describes the College’s procedures in order to protect covered data and information which applies to, but is not limited to, Business Operations, Admissions and the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Student Services, Learning Resource Centers, the Bookstore, Institutional Research, Information Services, Systems Operations Services, Information Technology Services, all faculty and staff, and many third party contractors. In accordance with TTC’s Information Security Plan, Procedure 6-17-1 the College periodically assesses the safeguarding and security of covered data under the Financial Privacy Rule.  

 TTC Policy 3-1-0 and TTC Procedure 3-1-1, “Use of Information Technology Resources” describes the college’s commitment to maintaining and limiting access and use of covered systems and data, as required by federal and state statutes and regulations.

 The College will ensure any contract with a third party course management system (CMS) include practices and controls to maintain appropriate technology infrastructure, storage functions, business continuity, access, confidentiality and security measures.

 Secure Login and Password:  The College requires that personnel adhere to all college procedures and best practices for safeguarding login and password data.  The Director for Systems and Operations Services has responsibility for maintaining a standard operating process for secure login account and password creation, to include password change/reset instructions.