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Course Descriptions

 Basic Skills Refresher

This course is a great place to begin brushing up on skills that may be a bit rusty.  Students work at their own pace with an easy-to-use software program that walks them step-by-step through basic material they’ll need to know.  Regular meetings with our Director or Academic Coordinator offer opportunities to check on progress, ask questions, and receive any necessary assistance.



This course covers the essential information students need to craft sentences that are grammatically correct.  It covers the parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, and avoiding common errors.  We will also work on some basic paragraphing skills.



This course is designed to help prepare students for the writing they will do in curriculum-level college courses.  It covers the various stages of the writing process, writing for specific purposes, and both paragraph and essay structure.  In support of our writing, we will also include some basic reading skills. 



This course is designed to introduce students to the study of literature: how to read it, how to understand it, how to interpret it, and how to write about it.  Students will learn about the basic elements of three literary genres—fiction, poetry, and drama—and how those elements work to produce meaning and understanding for the reader. This course is currently offered in the Summer semester.



This course offers individualized instruction and small group learning within the class setting, and elements of math are available from the basics through pre-calculus.  Students work through the math levels they will need for their expected program of study.


Computer Skills

This course is covered in a series of workshops; students can choose to attend all the sessions, or only the sessions they need.  Workshops begin with a “Starting from the Beginning” course for those new to computers, and the course also includes sessions on the keyboard, the internet, email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and file management.


Laboratory Science

This course will help prepare students for studying the laboratory sciences, teaching familiarity with scientific thought, the laboratory environment, and scientific terminology.


Foreign Language

This course offers a basic introduction to the Spanish language and includes both verbal and written components.  It is offered in the Summer semester.


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