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It's Easy to Get Started

VUB student

Follow these simple steps:

1. Give us a call; we池e very friendly. We値l ask some basic information to quickly determine your eligibility to be served by the program.  We can also answer any questions you have about our program and services.

2. If you池e eligible, you can fill out an application form.  Either come by our office to pick one up or you can print one, fill it out, and either mail it or bring it in. Another part of the application process includes providing documentation for eligibility; we値l tell you about this when we talk, and if you need help obtaining the documentation, we can help with that, too.

3. Finally, you値l make an appointment to take the COMPASS test, which is an academic skills assessment.  Once we have the results of your assessment, we値l work with you to develop an Individualized Education Plan, and you値l be ready to start in the program.


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