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Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans, you’ve served your country, now let us help you.

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Our Mission
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The mission of Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is to help eligible U.S. military veterans fully develop their personal potential. VUB staff and instructors assist veterans by developing, improving, and extending educational access and opportunities to eligible veterans through academic needs assessment, instruction, enrichment, and other academic support activities.

The VUB program is specifically designed to help veterans refresh their academic skills so that they can prepare for and successfully complete the postsecondary education of their choice (university, technical/community college, or vocational/technical program). Our goal is to help veterans achieve their academic goals.

Veterans Upward Bound projects are funded by the U. S. Department of Education and serve eligible veterans across the nation.

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is a free pre-college program
that helps eligible U. S. military veterans brush up on their academic skills
so that they can enter the college of their choice.

Veteran studentsThe Personal Touch

Students’ lives consist of more than academics. Your personal life and well-being are important as well. Caring mentors guide you to stay on track with your studies, and personal counseling opportunities provide support and encouragement as you pursue your goals. If necessary, VUB can refer you to other veterans’ services.


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