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Transfer FAQs

Group of young studentsWhich schools accept transfer credit from TTC?
Most colleges and universities accept transfer credit from TTC. Contact the four-year college for information on specific transfer policies. TTC maintains general transfer agreements with many South Carolina colleges and universities, as well as some specialty transfer, or 2+2 agreements.  For information about South Carolina colleges and how your TTC credits will transfer, you can look on each college's website or access information in  

What are the advantages of taking transfer courses at TTC?
TTC's transfer program has numerous benefits. First, earning transfer credit at TTC enables many students to be admitted to four-year colleges and universities who might not be admitted as freshmen. Second, TTC tuition is one-half to one-third the tuition at most four-year colleges, so students who complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree can save thousands of dollars.  Third, with small classes, helpful instructors, and high standards, TTC transfer courses effectively prepare students for higher levels of coursework.

What should I major in at TTC?
Most of TTC's transfer students major in Associate in Arts or Associate in Science because those majors are designed to transfer.  Most other majors, while not designed to transfer, also include some transferable courses. Some students who wish to take only a few transfer courses attend TTC as non-degree-seeking students.

How should I select courses?
Careful course selection is important because requirements vary from college to college and from major to major within a college. Work closely with an advisor, get information from the four-year college, and use TTC's transfer tips.

How do I get my credits to transfer?
When you are ready to transfer, you need to request that official copies of your TTC transcript be sent to the admissions/records office of your new college. Transfer request forms are available in TTC's Admissions and Records office.

What GPA do you need at Trident?
Sometimes the GPA required for transfer to a college is different than the GPA required for admission to a particular program at that college. Sometimes the four-year college will calculate GPA in a different way than Trident does. Find out if the GPA on your Trident transcript is the same as the one the four-year college will be using for admissions. (Some schools average in every attempt at a course; others only average together certain courses.)

What grades do you need for a course to transfer?
Most colleges require a C or better to give transfer credit for a course.

How many hours do you need to take before you can be admitted as a transfer student?
You can transfer credit to most colleges even if you have only taken one course, but you will have to meet freshman admissions standards. Most colleges will waive some freshman admissions standards if you have earned a minimum number of transferable hours, usually 30.  Find out how the number of hours you take at Trident will affect your admissions requirements.

Is there a maximum number of hours that you can transfer?
Most college catalogs specify a maximum number of hours that will transfer from a two-year college.


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