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Transferring to TTC

TTC awards transfer credit for most coursework completed with a grade of C- or better from regionally accredited colleges and universities. If the course description and credit hours match, transfer credit will be for an equivalent TTC course.  If the course has no TTC equivalent, TTC may award non-equivalent credit. TTC does not award transfer credit for courses considered developmental/remedial or for courses in areas unrelated to TTC's programs, such as physical education or military science.

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Steps to Transfer

Apply for admission.  Because you are a transfer student, it is important that you apply as early as possible so that TTC can evaluate your transcripts before you register for classes.

Have official copies of transcripts from each college or university you have attended sent to the Admissions and Records office.  If your transcripts do not reflect appropriate coursework in English and mathematics, you may be required to submit SAT or ACT scores or take TTC's placement test.
Watch for a letter of acceptance, which will let you know if there is any information still required for you to be admitted and will let you know whether you will need to take TTC's placement test.
After you have received your acceptance letter, make arrangements to attend one of TTC's orientation centers. Orientation is usually available on a walk-in basis.  It will give you a good overview of services and policies at TTC, and you will be assigned to your academic advisor.


My GPA is very low.  Can I still transfer to TTC?

 As an open-door institution, TTC admits all qualified students to the College, regardless of their GPA.

How many credits can I transfer to TTC?

There is no limit to the number of credits that can be transferred to TTC. However, regardless of how many credits you transfer in, you must complete at least 25% of the credits required for a degree at TTC. Additionally, credits that transfer to TTC may not meet your degree requirements. Check with your academic advisor.  

Can I be provisionally admitted to TTC and start taking courses before my official transcripts arrive?

TTC does not have a provisional admission status. However, TTC will admit you as a non-degree seeking student, and you may begin taking classes. You will not be admitted to a program until we receive your official transcripts. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for all types of financial aid, so it is important to request your official transcripts as soon as possible.  

I'm transferring from another technical college. Is there an articulation agreement?

All colleges in the South Carolina technical college system use a common course numbering system. If you took the same course at another technical college and received a grade of C or higher, you will receive transfer credit at TTC. If you took a course not offered by TTC, you may receive non-equivalent transfer credit.

I'm on probation at another college. Can I attend TTC while I'm on probation?

As an open-door institution, TTC admits all qualified students to the college, regardless of their academic status at other institutions. However, the Nursing and Allied Health Sciences programs have separate admissions requirements, including some restrictions on academic standing. (See TTC Catalog/Student Handbook for specific program admission requirements.) If you are planning on transferring credits earned at TTC back to your home institution, you should be aware that many colleges will not accept credits earned while you are on probation.

Are there time limits on courses?

There are no time limits for most courses at TTC. Some academic programs, such as nursing, require that some program requirements be completed within five years of admission to the program. (See TTC Catalog/Student Handbook for specific program admission requirements.)


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