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Acceptance Requirements
  1. Your family must meet federal income guidelines (determined by analysis of Federal Income Tax Form). (Guidelines available upon request.)
  2. Neither of your parents or legal guardians has completed a four-year college degree (two-year, Associate Degree is acceptable).
  3. You must complete and submit our application packet. (Apply to UBMSC!)
  4. You must provide references from your guidance counselor, your math instructor, and your science instructor.
  5. You must be enrolled in one of our three target schools. They are: Berkeley High School, Cross High School, and Timberland High School.
  6. Your goals must include a four-year degree (at least) in a math-, science-, technology-, or computer-related field.
  7. Your professional goal must include a career in math, science, technology, or computers.
  8. You must be willing to attend four Discovery Saturdays during the regular academic school year.
  9. You must be willing to attend a six-week intensive academic enrichment component during the summer.




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