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Parent Empowerment Program

The UBMS Parent Empowerment Program (P.E.P.) is a new initiative designed to empower the parents of program participants to play a more active role in the succesful matriculation of their sudents from high school to college and beyond.

The program will include workshops to run concurrent with our planned Discovery Saturday meetings. These workshops will be held on this campus (TTC Berkeley) beginning at 10:00 AM on the assigned dates.


UBMSC would love to hear news from our participants. If you've received awards or recognitions -- or if something wonderful has happened to you that you'd like to share -- please drop a line, e-mail, or call (843) 899-8005 with your information.

UBMSC has received fee waivers for the ACT and a limited number for SAT. Please call the Director at (843) 899-8005, or email Antonio Robinson, to request a waiver. Students may request only one ACT waiver either during their junior or senior year. Students may request up to two SAT waivers. However, you are strongly encouraged to save at least one of your SAT administrations until your senior year. The college application fee waivers should be used during your senior year only. College application fee waivers are only available from SAT. Please note that SAT and ACT fee waivers may not be used for late registration!

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