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Benefits for State Employees


Benefits for State Employees


State Employees may be eligible for a variety of benefits associated with their employment. From a comprehensive health and dental insurance program, to generous annual and sick leave policies, to a solid and secure retirement system, the State of South Carolina offers a competitive benefits program for state employees. To learn more about the benefits of state employment, please explore the links below:


Healthcare Benefits

The State offers its employees a comprehensive health and dental program, along with a wide array of supplemental insurance programs. South Carolina has long been committed to providing its employees the best possible insurance benefits at the greatest possible value. We've maintained that commitment, too, even in the face of healthcare costs that continue to soar.

Trident Technical College offers employees in benefits-eligible positions a comprehensive benefits package. These benefits offer you custom options to meet your specific needs and include a variety of insurance and retirement plans. We know that your benefits are important to you and your family. Helping you understand the benefits offered is important to us. That is why we want to provide you with the Insurance Benefits Guide. In this reference we have included detailed explanations of the benefits programs listed below including premium information, contact addresses and phone numbers.

TTC offers various opportunities to assist you in your benefits' choices. We hold regular benefit orientation meetings for new staff. Our benefits counselor is available for questions over the phone, via e-mail or by appointment. The benefits counselor is located in building 940 Suite G and is available for appointments Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. In order to make the most out of it, we strongly encourage you to review the information that is available prior to your meeting. The benefits counselor is Alison Rose and she can be reached by phone at 843.574.6286 or by e-mail: This site is designed to summarize the plans that are available to you and to reference actual sites with specific information. Although we have made every attempt to accurately represent the plans, please refer to the actual plan sites for detailed information. Be sure to utilize all information available when you make your choices and feel free to contact your benefits counselor with any questions.

This guide does not represent an employee/employer contract, and provisions of each program included in this guide are subject to change without notice.


Retirement Benefits  

In addition to our health and dental insurance programs, state employees are offered a generous pension program with options that can be tailored to meet employees’ needs. South Carolina offers a traditional pension program, as well as the Optional Retirement Program in which employees have more control over their retirement investments. These programs are designed to help provide state employees secure retirement alternatives that will best meet their needs.
Please refer to the PEBA BENEFITS WEBSITE for detailed changes.

Supplemental Retirement Accounts

The South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program (Program) is a powerful tool to help you reach your retirement dreams. As a supplement to other retirement benefits or savings that you may have, this voluntary Program allows you to save and invest extra money for retirement through before-tax and after-tax contributions in a 401(k) and/or 457¹ plan!

Other Supplemental Accounts

The 403(b) Plan is a valuable retirement servings option available through Trident Technical College. Plan administration services for the 403 (b) plan are provided by TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSAG). Visit the TSACG website for information about enrollment in the plan, investment product providers available, distributions, exchanges or transfers, 403 (b) loans, and rollovers.

Tax-sheltered 403 (b) accounts are also available through various vendors:

Great American
Lincoln Financial

Workplace Benefits

In addition, state employees may be eligible for other benefits, such as holidays, annual leave, and sick leave. Check out the link above to see a summary of the other benefits that are available to state employees. You can even calculate the value of an employee’s benefits by visiting our on-line benefits calculator Microsoft Excel.


Note: The above benefits are available to most state employees, with the exception of those in temporary positions. Employees in temporary grant and time-limited positions may be eligible for all, some, or none of these benefits based on the benefits associated with each position. For these positions, please contact the hiring agency to determine what benefits may be available for the particular position.



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