Associate in Arts

This degree emphasizes communication, social sciences and the humanities and can provide the first two years of the general requirements for a four-year degree. Learn more

Business Technology

Accredited degree programs: Accounting, General Business, Management, Administrative Office Technology, and Computer Technology. Learn more

Criminal Justice

Prepares students for roles in law enforcement, corrections, forensic science and organizational security. Learn more

Homeland Security

Prepares students for positions within the homeland security field. Learn More


Tuition and Fees

TTC Online College has affordable tuition and fees that are less than half of other colleges and universities, as low as $150 per credit hour for tri-county residents. Read the complete listing of all TTC Tuition and Fees here. There are no additional fees for attending TTC Online College courses.

Over 70% of all students enrolled at TTC receive some kind of financial aid. A variety of financial assistance is available to help you with the cost of attending college. TTC's Financial Aid department assists prospective and current students and their families, by providing information about financial resources and the application process.


As an online college student you should expect

A challenge- Online courses require students to take responsibility for their own learning. Successful online students are organized, goal-oriented, and take the initiative to login to their courses several times each week to participate.

An emphasis on communication - Students will be required to communicate with instructors and other students in various ways. Successful online students write with ease to express their thoughts and ask questions.

A quality academic experience - Online courses at TTC cover the same topics, use the same faculty, and expect students to master the same competencies as face-to-face sections of the same courses. The faculty have extensive training and are experienced in adapting their courses to online instruction. In addition, online students have access to the same academic and student support services as traditional students.


TTC will communicate with you using - Here you will manage your TTC life. The student portal brings into one place all of the various communiations and news from sources such as student email, TTCExpress and D2L. From the portal you can access various tools to search for courses, register for courses, pay tuition and fees, drop/add classes and view final grades and GPA. You can also view application status, transcripts and financial aid status, print class schedule, and apply for graduation. With links to D2L, you can take your online courses, communicate with you instructor and fellow students, submit assignments, take quizzes, and tests and check your grades.


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  1 Applying to TTC

If you are new to TTC and have never applied before, complete the online application here. Submit the $30 nonrefundable fee.

If you have applied to TTC within the last two years, complete an Application Update Form here.

If your application is older than two years, and you have not registered for courses, complete a new Admission Application here.

If taking TTC courses while still enrolled in high school, complete the Smart Start Application here.

A few business days after you apply to TTC, we will send you an acknowledgment letter with information on how to access your new account. From now on, almost all of TTC's communications with you will be through

  2 Apply For Financial Aid

Apply for all aid (including lottery) except scholarships by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) here.

Be sure to include TTC as one of the colleges you select to receive a copy of your Student Aid Report. Once you are admitted to the college, we match your application with your Student Aid Report to start the awarding process.

TTC also has a number of campus-based scholarships that can be viewed here.

Remember to check your account at least twice a week for updates on your status.

  3 The Admissions Process

You will need to submit qualifying ACT, SAT or transcripts of previous college coursework or schedule a TTC COMPASS Placement Test. Information on the process is found here or by calling:

Main Campus - 843.574.6410
Palmer Campus - 843.722.5516
Berkeley Campus - 843.899.8079

All qualifying tests used by TTC require in-person proctoring. If you live or work near a college campus, you may be able to take the tests there.
To set up testing at a site near you, call 843.574.6438 or 843.574.6334 at TTC. Note: Testing sites may charge a fee to administer your test.

Proof of high school graduation or GED is required.

Proof of lawful presence in the United States is required, information on the process is found here.

  4 Attend Orientation

Complete orientation online here.

After you complete orientation, staff will assign you an academic advisor. Your advisor's name and contact information will be posted in your TTC Express account. In TTC Express, select "Academic Profile" and then "My Profile."

If you need help, contact one of the following offices.
Main Campus - 843.574.6436
Palmer Campus - 843.722.5516
Berkeley Campus - 843.899.8079

Nondegree students are not assigned academic advisors. After orientation, contact the Registrar's office.

  5 Register For Classes

Once you have received a email notification that you have been admitted to TTC, you are ready to be advised and registered for classes.

If you have declared a major or are undecided, contact the advisor you were assigned after orientation. He/she will help you select classes and register.

Nondegree students are not assigned academic advisors. After orientation, contact the Registrar's office.

Once you are registered, you may purchase your books through the Bookstore here. Do not open them or write in them until you are sure that you have the correct books, that the class has not been cancelled or that you will not make changes in your schedule.

  6 Pay Tuition

Each semester there are two fee payment deadlines. If you register for classes before the first deadline and want to keep that schedule, then you must pay any balance due by the first deadline. If you register after the first deadline, then your balance is due no later than the published final payment deadline.

View balance due in your account. It will include any financial aid awards. TTC does NOT mail bills.

Pay online or in-person at any campus Business Office or by check at a Business Office drop box.

  7 Log-in to Your Classes

Congratulations! You are now ready to log in and attend classes.

Check the calendar here for when your classes start.