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Rules for Testing

Testing Services Rules

  • In accordance with the College’s policy, children are not allowed in the testing rooms and should not be left unattended.
  • Food and tobacco products are not allowed in the testing area. Water bottles are permitted, but must be kept off the testing tables.
  • TTC ID (preferred), Driver's Licenses, Passports, and Government-Issued IDs are all acceptable for Instructional testing and a valid picture ID is required for Placement Testing.
  • Cell phones, timers, and other electronic devices must be turned off while in the test area.
  • Loud, boisterous, or disruptive behavior in the test area will not be tolerated.
  • Students may not talk to each other while in the test area.
  • Any unauthorized material (e.g., phones, electronic devices, watches, purses, backpacks, and books) must be placed in a locker or bag provided by Testing Services.

Additional Rules for Instructional & Distance Learning Students

  • Students are responsible for observing the time limits on their test pass.  Instructors may penalize students for exceeding given time limits.
  • Testing Services must have authorization from the appropriate faculty member (e.g., through a test pass) to issue an instructional or distance learning test to the student.
  • Calculators are not allowed unless specified by the instructor on the test pass.  Test proctors will inspect all calculators that are to be used in the test room.
  • Notes, books, and other materials are not allowed unless specified by the instructor on the test pass.
  • Before leaving the testing area for any reason, students must inform the proctor and return all test materials.  Tests must not be left unattended in the testing room.
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