The student learning outcomes effort was led by the division's Student Learning Outcomes Assessment and Program Evaluation Committee. The committee was tasked to:

  • Work through the process of transitioning from a summative, evaluative approach to assessment (student satisfaction surveys, value of service delivery surveys, etc.) to a process that assesses student learning.
  • Develop common assessment lexicon reflecting an outcomes-based assessment approach.
  • Share learning outcomes data and information across the division to facilitate planning and program enhancement.

As the learning outcomes assessment effort matured and became more fully integrated across the Student Services division, the Assessment Enhancement Committee was formed and tasked to:

  • Make recommendations for strengthening the division's assessment effort.
  • Develop ways to broaden and share the division's assessment effort across the college.

Committee Membership (pdf)

The Student Services Assessment Committee consists of student services practitioners at Trident Technical College. Membership spans functional areas within the Division of Student Services including department Directors, Assistant Directors, Deans, etc. The Student Services Assessment Enhancement Committee consists of seven Assessment Committee members.