The Student Services Division is comprised of several departments and programs designed to assist students in achieving their academic, personal and professional success. Each department is engaged in a variety of assessment and evaluation efforts which contribute to the improvement of programs and services.

The calendar highlights department-level assessment projects for each assessment cycle and their alignment to the division's learning domains.

(See the full list of departments below for additional information and the most recent reports on assessment results.)

Vice President's Office

Educational Opportunities Programs
The Educational Opportunity Programs Unit provides counseling, academic skill development, technical assistance and cultural enrichment opportunities to low-income, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities, to support achievement of their academic goals and successful matriculation through college.

Enrollment Management
The Enrollment Management Unit provides an organizational framework and leadership that facilitates cohesion and coordination between and among its departments. The Enrollment Management departments are reliable and effective partners in helping the faculty and fellow staff members accomplish their work with students.

Student Development
The Student Development Unit provides social, personal growth, and leadership opportunities through the services and programs provided by