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Student Handbook & Regulations

Firearms Prohibited      
Firearms are not allowed in any building, premises or property owned, operated or controlled by Trident Technical College except where allowed by law for law enforcement or military purposes.  Persons holding concealed weapon permits under the Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996 are prohibited from carrying firearms onto Trident Technical College.  This applies to any firearm or replica of a firearm in an assembled or unassembled condition.  Anyone who violates this policy is in violation of Section 16-23-420 of the SC Code of Laws Ann., and is subject to arrest and criminal prosecution with a minimum penalty of $5,000 fine or fine years imprisonment or both.

Parking and Traffic Control    
To maintain safety and minimize parking inconvenience, all faculty, staff and students should become familiar with the traffic and parking regulations enforced by the Public Safety office.

Alcoholic Beverages        
Alcoholic beverages may only be served or consumed on campus in accordance with Trident Technical College Procedure 7-4-2 (Physical Facilities: Campus Events with Alcoholic Beverages).  South Carolina laws related to the serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages are available via the following link: State Codes and Reglations. Violators are subject to enforcement of all applicable laws and College Policies & Procedures.

Bicycle racks are provided for your convenience.  Bikes may not be taken into buildings or parked where they may become a safety hazard.  Use the bicycle racks and lock your bike.  

Disruption of Academic Process 
Any disturbance that may hinder the educational programs provided by Trident Technical College is a violation of state law (Section 16-17-420, SC Code of Laws Ann.).

Children and Animals         
Children cannot be brought to Testing Services while a parent/guardian takes a test.  They cannot be brought to Learning Assistance while a parent/guardian has a tutoring session or uses LAS media.  Unattended children are not permitted on campus and will be referred to the S.C. Department of Social Services.  Children may not be taken into classes.  Children are not to be left in any TTC library while parents are in class or involved in other activities.

Animals, except for those animals trained to assist the disabled, or those in the Veterinary Technology Program, are not allowed on the premises or property of Trident Technical College. 

Please report all emergencies and crimes directly to Public Safety in person or by telephone.  Please do not make reports by email.


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