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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) System

Click here to access TTC's MSDS System

Instructions for searching MSDS’s and adding to E-binder (the college’s collective database):

1.  Use the search function to find product and manufacturer. Using “contains a match” instead of “full text” shortens the search.

2. Select the products MSDS that you want added to the College’s E-binder and click “Add to E-binder” which is located above the select option.

3.  A window will appear once you click “Add to E-binder” asking for your name, location of storage, and whether it is a new or existing product. Once you complete the window, this information will be sent to Tammy Gunter's attention for her action to add to the e-binder.

a.  “Location of storage” is the locations on campus that have been created previously. It is not complete. If there are locations you want added, please e-mail Tammy Gunter with your request. Tammy can also edit peviously created locations to further clarify if there are multiple storage devices of the same type, i.e. more than one refrigerator or flammable cabinet.

4.  You are done and can continue with adding more MSDS’s to your collection.


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