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Carol A. Belcher, C.P.M.
Director of Procurement & Risk Management


For solicitations issued by the Trident Technical College Procurement Office, the Statement of Award or Intent to Award will be posted at this location the date published on the solicitation.

If the appropriate award document has not been posted at this location by the close of business on the date published on the solicitation, contact the procurement officer whose name and contact information appears on the cover page of the solicitation, or if applicable, the lst amendment to the solicitation.

For additional information, please reference Regulation 19-445.2090(B).



Title: Perform Financial & Compliance Audit for Fiscal Years ending June 30, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 - Request for Proposal
        Award Extension Notice #1
        Award Extension Notice #2
        Notice of Award
Solicitation Number: 140120-946-05106-02/25/14
Posting Date: 03/07/14

Title: Sale of Cardboard in Bales by TTC
Solicitation Number: 040814-936-32505-04/18/14
Posting date: 04-22-14
Award Notice

Title: Website Development Services for TTC Con Ed Division
Solicitation Number: 032414-208-66202-04/17/14
Posting Date:  05/05/14
Notice of Award

Title: Provide Generator PM Services for TTC
Solicitation Number: 042114-936-32705-05/13/14
Posting Date: 06/11/14
Notice of Award

Title: Data Disaster Recovery Service
Solicitation Number:  060514-208-67002-06/20/14
Posting Date:  07/08/14 (Amended)
Notice of Award Extension
Notice of Award Extension No. 2
Notice of Award Extension No. 3
Notice of Award Extension No. 4
Notice of Award Extension No. 5
Notice of Award

Title: Provide Elevator Services for TTC
Solicitation Number: 051914-910-33005-06/23/14
Posting Date: 7/17/14
Intent to Award     

Title: Provide Armored Car Services for TTC - 2014
Solicitation Number: 063014-990-33505-07/21/14
Posting Date: 07/25/14
Notice of Award Date Extension 
Award Notice

Title: Parking Lot Striping for TTC
Soliciation Number: 073014-912-33605-08/14/14
Posting date: 09/11/14
Award Date Extension Notice
Award Date Extension Notice 2
Award Date Extension Notice 3
Award Notice

Title: ETS Fall & Spring Tours for TTC
Solicitation Number: 092214-962-34005-10/03/14
Posting Date: 10/07/14
Award Notice  

Title: Provide and Install New Glass on TTC Palmer Campus
Solicitation Number: 082914-928-33805-09/16/14
Posting Date: Oct. 14, 2014
Award Notice


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