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Welcome future nurses!

TTC’s Division of Nursing offers a curriculum with multiple entry and exit points with options for students to earn a certificate, diploma and associate degree. The Nursing curriculum incorporates course requirements for all Nursing programs into three levels. The sequential program levels prepare students for progressive roles of nursing practice: the nursing assistant, the practical nurse and the registered nurse. more...

Nursing requires passion, dedication and commitment. We look forward to helping you reach your goals in this exciting career field.

Follow the steps listed on the yellow bar throughout this site to enroll in TTC's Nursing Program.This map will guide you in the following actions:

1.  Apply to Trident Technical College. Before you can apply to the Nursing Program, you must meet all General College Admission Requirements and apply to Trident Technical College. There is an application deadline for applying to Trident Technical College.

2.  Meet the Admission Requirements for your chosen Nursing program.

3.  Apply to the Nursing Program. There is no application deadline for applying to the Nursing Program. Admission to the nursing programs is on a first qualified, first admitted basis.

4.  Contact your Academic Advisor. Your nursing advisor can help you plan your course of study, select and register for the right classes, and reach your educational and career goals.


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