Open Advising Session

The Open Advising Session (OAS) is designed to provide the student with all the information needed to be admitted to the nursing program.

Completion of an open advising session, is a requirement for admission to the nursing program. 

If the open advising session is over 2 years old at the time the student applies to nursing, another open advising session must be completed.

Students who successfully complete the interactive online Open Advising Session by passing all three quizzes, will receive an Open Advising Session Confirmation e-mail. Once all admission requirements are met, a hardcopy of the Open Advising Session Confirmation e-mail is to be submitted with the Nursing Application and Statement of Completion (both obtained from the Admissions office) either in person or by certified mail to:

Trident Technical College
Nursing Admissions Coordinator
Admissions Office, AM-M
7000 Rivers Avenue
P.O.  Box 118067
Charleston, SC 29423-8067

If you have not been accepted to TTC, you can review the Open Advising Session content. You cannot complete the Open Advising Session with quizzes until you have received your TTC student ID number.

The Open Advising Session (OAS) is an interactive program which requires the completion of three quizzes in order to receive credit for the content which precedes those quizzes. The information on this page mirrors that content and is included here for informational and reference purposes. Information in this OAS is subject to change - please contact your nursing advisor if you have specific questions not addressed by this program information. In order to take and receive credit for the OAS quizzes, please go to the "Complete the OAS" tab above.

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Use your TTC student ID number to register for the Open Advising Session and complete the quizzes. The Open Advising Session Confirmation e-mail you will receive on completion is a requirement for admission to TTC's Nursing Program.

Please read these instuctions completely.

When you get to the end of the quiz and have finished all three parts you will reach the "Congratulations Page" where it tells you to enter your email address and press the submit button. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, go back to the start page, re-enter your student ID and the program will take you to the congratulations page where you may re-enter the prefix of your Trident Tech student e-mail address and have it re-sent. The program will not send e-mail confirmations to outside addresses.

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