Student success is very important to TTC*. That's why we have implemented a new 7-week compressed schedule. Starting Fall Semester 2014, TTC offers most courses in this 7-week compressed format.** Much research shows that students are more successful in compressed courses. Additionally, students in compressed courses typically report greater satisfaction with their classes.

What is a compressed format?

In a compressed format, your schedule is divided into shorter terms within the semester. For example, instead of taking four semester-long courses, a student takes two 7-week courses at a time. That student still completes four courses in a semester but juggles only two in each term.

Compressed courses cover the same content and are worth the same credits as full-semester, 15-week courses. All courses that currently transfer will still transfer.

Fall Semester 2014
Fall 1 Term 2014
7-week term
(Aug. 25-Oct. 13)
1 week
Fall 2 Term 2014
7-week term
(Oct. 22-Dec. 13)
Fall Full Term 2014
15-week term, including a 1-week break
(Aug. 25-Dec. 13)

Sample Full-Time and Part-Time Compressed Schedules

How does this format affect my financial aid?

All current forms of financial aid continue to be available; however, refunds are issued each term within the semester rather than once per semester, according to the number of credit hours you are taking each term. The Financial Aid office will continue to work with you to enable you to receive all the aid for which you are eligible.

*Success rate: the total of A, B, C and SC (satisfactory) grades as a percentage of all grades other than I (incomplete) or AU (audits).
**This format will be used for Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Summer Semester courses will not change.