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NCPDLP - Administrative Office Technology


Administrative Office Technology
Associate in Applied Science
Credit Requirements: 71 Semester Credit Hours

The Administrative Office Technology (AOT) associate degree program serves the need to professionally and technically train competent administrative employees for work as administrative support in both for-profit and non-profit offices of business, government, industry, medical, and legal organizations. Students who have successfully completed the Certified Professional Secretaries exam or the Certified Administrative Professional exam may receive semester credit. Students may receive college transfer credit for classes in which a grade of C or better was earned from other approved, accredited postsecondary institutions if those classes are comparable and also required in the Administrative Office Technology program. Official transcripts must be submitted before credit can be granted. Each AOT student should consult with an academic adviser to discuss program requirements. The adviser will work closely with the student to select courses that not only fulfill curriculum requirements for the degree but also match the student's interest in specific areas of employment.


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