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Information for Persons with Disabilities

Policy Statement

The Learning Resource Centers of Trident Technical College are committed to providing equitable access to information to all Library patrons. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), library staff will make good faith efforts to accommodate reasonable requests for obtaining , accessing, and making use of Library resources, materials, and services.

Access to Facilities

ADA compliant accommodations are available for accessing Library facilities. Ramps, automatic doors, and an elevator provide access to Libraries on all campuses.

Access to Computer Workstations

All Learning Resources Centers provide workstations accessible to those in wheelchairs, using walkers, etc. If a patron needs assistance accessing these stations, they should ask for help at the Reference Desk.

Assistance with Print Materials

Library staff are available on each site to retrieve materials for those who need assistance. Users should ask at the Circulation Desk of the Library housing the needed materials. Staff will make every effort to quickly retrieve the needed materials. If several items are needed, the user may be asked to make a list of the needed resources and come back later to pick them up. It is highly suggested that users use the online catalog to determine the titles, call numbers and availability of the items needed if possible.

Adaptive Technology in the form of handheld magnifiers is available for in library use only, with a TTC ID. Other technology may be available for students through Disability Services at TTC.

Assistance with Electronic Materials

Electronic journals and books are available through the Library’s homepage. These materials are provided by many vendors and publishers and not all were designed for maximum accessibility. If a user needs assistance with these resources, they should contact a TTC Librarian at the Reference Desk (574-6096).

The Library Website

The LRC/Library is committed to maintaining and improving accessibility to its website, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The library provides video tutorials, all of which are closed captioned. If a user is unable to use these video tutorials, a basic text version for using library resources is also available.

To accomodate screen readers, the library uses “alt” tags and labels to describe images, graphics, tables, and drop down menus as the screen reader encounters them.

For Further Assistance, Contact:

Linda O’Quinn, Dept. Head

Haley Hall, LRC/Library webmaster


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