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Computer and Wireless Connection Use


Resources made available via the library/LRC computer workstations are provided to support the teaching and learning needs of Trident's students, faculty and staff.
  • Research and course-related activities are a priority for any LRC computer.  
  • No games are allowed on any LRC computer. Users may not add any application, program or image to the system. 
  • The LRC computer workstations are to provide equitable access. Time limits will be imposed if necessary. 
  • Individuals are reminded that the material displayed on a computer screen must be appropriate for a public environment. Inappropriate material causes a disturbance and will be treated as student misbehavior. The continued misuse of LRC computers will result in loss of privileges and possible disciplinary actions. 
  • Downloading or printing questionable material may be illegal and subject to prosecution.
  • Persons using these computers are liable for any copyright infringement.


You can log into our wireless network from your own laptop by following these steps:

  1. For easy access to TTC’s wireless network, bring any device such as a laptop or mobile device (iphone, smartphone, etc.) that is wifi enabled.
  2. Find a list of available wireless networks. Depending on the device, instructions may vary. Generally you can go to your network connections and settings options to choose a network.
  3. Choose "TTC Wireless" to connect to our wireless network.

For further assistance logging into the TTC wireless network, contact a librarian.


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