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Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board at Trident Technical College
What is the IRB?
In order to comply with federal policy as stated in the “Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects,” Trident Technical College has established an Institutional Review Board to ensure that all college-related research activities protect the individual rights of human participants, particularly in regard to issues of safety and confidentiality.

Who does it effect?
All research involving human subjects conducted at or sponsored by TTC, TTC employees, TTC students and/or student/faculty collaborative research under the auspices of the College must be submitted for review to the IRB. 

In particular, any TTC employee submitting a proposal to a federal agency for a project involving human research must complete required forms and receive IRB approval prior to submitting an application for funding. Currently, numerous federal agencies (including the National Science Foundation) will not make federal grant awards without IRB review.


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