International Club

International Club

What is the International Club?

It is an organization from students from all over the world who attend TTC. Our mission is to promote good will and understanding, to develop character, to cultivate friendship, and to assist international students in their academic skills and daily life adjustment.

Students in the Japanese Garden at Trident Technical College

We have several purposes:

  • We encourage friendship among members and students, staff and faculty of TTC.
  • We raise money through sales of baked goods and international food so we can fund our projects and outings.
  • We perform campus and community service to promote global awareness.
  • We have fun! We visit local tourist attractions, eat at restaurants, and attend events of interest to the club.
  • We attend the Governor's Reception for International Students in Columbia, SC every spring.

The International Club meets every month during Student Activity Period.
Meetings are usually held in the International Education office in Building 100, Room 145.

To join the club, or for more information, please contact one of the advisors for the International Club:
Katharine Purcell, (843) 574-6457
Sandy Lopez, (843) 574-6588
Jacqueline Cunin, (843) 574-6325