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Dual Credit Program

 The Dual Credit Program at TTC allows high school students to take college courses for which the student can simultaneously earn both college and high school credit.

With the permission of their high schools or homeschool associations, qualified students may enroll in college courses at Trident Technical College that will be applied to the 24 units of credit required for a state high school diploma. Successful completion of these courses also allows high school students the opportunity to make substantial progress toward their college education before finishing high school.

DC Program Eligibility Requirements
With the permission of their high school or homeschool association, qualified students in grades 9-12 who are attending high school in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties are eligible to register for TTC courses.

For the most part, dual credit opportunities are limited to junior and senior students. However, exceptions may be made for freshman or sophomore students at the request of the high school or the governing home school association.  When exceptions are made for younger students, documentation of the studentís exceptional ability to undertake college-level coursework must be provided by the school and retained in the studentís college file.

In order to qualify, students taking courses for dual credit must meet the same requirements for enrollment into an individual course as other college students.  Enrollment into most entry-level courses requires proof of academic readiness as indicated on the SAT, ACT or TTC placement instrument.

Qualified students who wish to participate in the Dual Credit Program must complete a Dual Credit Application. Applications must be signed by the high school principal or guidance counselor indicating permission for the student to enroll in specified TTC courses. In the case of an applicant from a home school, the application must be signed by a district administrator from the school district and/or the authorized educational agency which has jurisdiction over the home school.

Course Availability
Most college courses are available to dual credit students. However, the high school or homeschool association must approve enrollment into these courses.

Qualified students may enroll in courses that are offered on any of the four TTC campuses, three TTC sites, at the participating high school, or through TTCís Distance Learning Program.

With the permission of the high school or governing home school association, these courses may be taken before, during, or after school, or during the summer semester.

Impact of Dual Credit on High School Records
Student performance in dual credit courses will directly affect their high school records and graduation requirements.

Students will earn one unit toward their high school diploma for each 3-semester hour college course they successfully complete.

TTC will report the earned numeric grade for each student to the respective high school or home school association. South Carolina school districts are required to calculate the earned numeric grade into the studentís GPR. In calculating the GPR, college-level dual credit courses are weighted the same as high school AP and IB level courses and receive an additional one point weighting.

Tuition and Fees
Students taking courses for dual credit are responsible for the cost of their tuition and books unless otherwise directed by their high school.

  • If the course is taught by TTC faculty, tuition is assessed at the regular hourly rate applicable during the semester in which the student is enrolled.
  • If the course is taught by qualified high school faculty as a part of their regular teaching responsibilities at the high school, tuition is significantly reduced.

Dual Credit students who are taking at least 6 college credit hours during a semester may reduce the amount of tuition they owe by receiving SC Lottery Tuition Assistance.

  • Students do not need to apply for lottery assistance while they are enrolled in high school.
  • Students who are no longer identified as high school students by their high schools must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive lottery assistance.  Please see the Financial Aid web page for information regarding the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program
Need-Based Scholarships are available for high school students who qualify for free- or reduced- lunch programs. Please see your guidance counselor to apply.  Students who are no longer identified as high school students by their high schools are not eligible for Need-Based Scholarships.

Billing Information
After the student has been registered for courses, studens will be able to access their tuition balance through their Portal account (TTC Express module, left side of page > Financial Information > Student Balance Due). Students and their parents are responsible for reviewing the studentís account and ensuring payment.

However, Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is not awarded to high school students until after the semester begins. Students who are enrolled in at least 6-credit hours and are eligible for LTA are not expected to make payment for the tuition until the award has been posted to the studentís account. Students and parents should continue to monitor the TTC Express account and ensure payment once the LTA award has been made. Questions or concerns regarding billing should be directed to the Office of High School Programs at 843.574.6061.

*Please note: Students who fail to make payment will not be registered for courses in subsequent terms. Additionally, TTC will withhold transcripts until all payments have been made.

Course Registration
Registration for students taking courses on the high school campus will be handled by the studentís high school.

Registration for students taking courses online or on a TTC campus or site must be handled by the student or parent. After submitting your application to the Admissions Office, please wait at least 48 business hours for it to be processed. Then contact the Office of High School Programs (Bldg. 700 / Rm. 101), via phone (843.574.6061), or via email ( to register for courses.


Transferability of Courses
Most general education dual credit courses transfer to colleges and universities across the nation because TTC is a regionally accredited college. In addition, many applied technical or professional dual credit courses transfer to selected colleges and universities.

However, the receiving 4-year college determines transferability of credits. Students assessing the transferability of dual credit courses should consult with the 4-year institution to which they intend to transfer.

For more information regarding transferability of credits, click on the Transfer Information page.

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