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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Dual Credit and Early Admit Programs?

Dual Credit and Early Admit are very similar programs. Both programs give high school students the chance to take college classes while still in high school; however, students in the Dual Credit program will receive college credit and high school credit for the college classes they take, while Early Admit students will only receive college credit for the courses they take and these courses will not directly affect their high school record.

What courses are Dual Credit/Early Admit students allowed to take?

Students are allowed to take any college course that TTC offers as long as the course is approved by the studentís high school guidance counselor or home school official.

What courses are available online and what courses are traditional?

To see a complete list of courses offered during a particular semester and the days/times that they are offered, please visit our online Course Search webpage.

Can courses be taken at my high school? If so, what courses?

Courses for Dual Credit are offered at some high schools. Please contact your high school guidance counselor to find out if your high school offers Dual Credit courses and what is offered.

Is there an application fee for the Dual Credit/Early Admit programs?

There is no fee for Dual Credit/Early Admit applications.

Will the college classes I take show up on my high school transcript?

Yes. Your high school guidance counselor/home school official will determine what specific high school credit you will receive for the college course(s) you take. However, if you are interested in your college credits, you will need to request your official college transcript from the Registrarís office at TTC. You will need to do this if you are thinking of attending another college or university after high school graduation.

What if I donít have qualifying test scores?

State policy on dual enrollment requires all high school students interested in taking college courses to follow the same steps to enrollment as any other college student. One major requirement for acceptance to TTC is qualifying test scores. Students can either take the SAT, ACT or the TTC COMPASS Placement Test. We highly recommend the COMPASS test because high school students can take this test twice during a semester for free, and it is not a timed test, while the SAT and ACT tests are timed. The COMPASS was developed by ACT, and could serve as good practice for students hoping to take the SAT/ACT in the future. For more information on the TTC COMPASS Placement Test, please contact Testing Services at 843-574-6410.

If you should have any questions that do not appear on this list, please feel free to contact the Office of High School Programs at 843.574.6061.


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