Things to keep in mind:

  • The Financial Aid office communicates to you in your email (NOT D2L email; D2L email is only for academic classes).
  • If you withdraw from all of your classes or stop attending before the 60% date for the term, you may owe funds to the college or Department of Education. Please click here for details: Withdrawing
  • You must meet all Standards of Academic Progress (SAP). Be sure you successfully complete enough credit hours (outlined below) and maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to remain eligible for your financial aid awards.
    • If you enroll for 12 or more hours - you must complete a minimum of 9 hours
    • If you enroll for 6 - 11 hours - you must complete a minimum of 6 hours
    • If you enroll for less than 6 hours - you must complete the hours you attempt
  • You will know your SAP status at the end of the semester.  Financial aid will send you an email in student email. Again, keeping up with Financial Aid communication is key to your financial aid
  • Financial aid awards cannot pay for:
    • Audited courses
    • Credit hours earned through advanced placement or challenge testing
    • Non-credit coursework
  • Your financial aid status for Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) is either satisfactory, warning or probation.
  • If you do not meet Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for two semesters in a row, your financial aid status moves to 'Probation.'  You are ineligible for federal financial aid awards.

How to change financial aid probation ineligible status

  • There is an online appeal process for financial aid probation in your student portal.
  • Follow all directions as you proceed through the online appeal process.
    • When directed, you must explain the extenuating circumstances that caused you to move to either Academic Suspension or Financial Aid Probation. You must also state how you have completely resolved your issue(s) and include your immediate plan to improve your academic progress.
  • If your appeal goes for review to the Appeals Committee, you must submit documentation to support your extenuating circumstance. Appropriate documentation could include: medical documents, obituaries, court documents, etc.
    • After completing the online appeal, submit required documentation to the Registrar's office, Bldg. 410, Main Campus, or fax to 843.574.6696. 
      Note: It is your responsibility to submit the appropriate documentation before the appeal deadline. TTC's Appeal Committee will not call you for documents or contact anyone to verify your circumstances.
    • The Committee relies specifically on the documentation you provide to make a final decision about your appeal.
    • The Appeal Committee will review your entire academic history, not just your most recent semester.  A documented extenuating circumstance is not a guarantee for automatic approval.
    • The Appeal Committee will send the decision about your appeal ONLY to your email account.
    • The Appeal Committee's decision is final.
    • Financial Aid appeals are not retroactive. Approvals are only for the next semester of enrollment.