If you have financial aid, and withdraw from ALL your classes OR stop attending ALL your classes before the 60% completion date - you may owe back a portion of your financial aid funds to the federal government and/or Trident Technical College. The U.S. Department of Education requires students to attend classes for at least 60% of the semester in order to earn their full financial aid awards. If you withdraw from all classes prior to the 60% completion period you will have to pay back the "unearned" funds.

Until you repay unearned financial aid funds you received, you will be ineligible to receive any future financial aid at any college or university. This includes attending TTC until you repay the financial aid funds to the College or making arrangements to carry your balance forward into another term. It is very important for you to consider the financial impact of withdrawing from all of your classes or not attending all of your classes during the term.

Be Aware of the 60% Date!

Fall 2013
60% Date
Spring 2014
60% Date
Summer 2014
60% Date
Fall Full Semester
Fall 1
Fall 2
November 4
September 24
November 24
Spring Full Semester
Spring 1
Spring 2
March 20
February 11
April 9
Summer Full Semester
Summer 1
Summer 2
May 16
July 12
June 13
July 26

Also, remember that a total withdrawal from classes within a semester also impacts your Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) negatively. Withdrawing from all classes will result in your placement on either Financial Aid Warning or Financial Aid Probation Ineligible status.