The key thing to remember about scholarships is that receiving federal and state financial aid may limit your ability to receive some scholarships. Trident Technical College encourages students to apply for all sorts of scholarships in addition to federal and state financial aid.

Trident Technical College Foundation Scholarships
The TTC Foundation offers scholarships. The scholarships assist students enrolled in an associate degree or diploma program.

  • The Foundation Scholarship application is available annually from mid-January thru early March.
  • The scholarships are for the next academic year, not the current academic year.
  • Scholarship applicants must have a mytridenttech.edu account.
  • See the list of TTC Scholarships @ TTC Foundation Scholarships.

Outside Scholarships
Outside scholarships are scholarships from external groups. First, check for scholarships available in the community. Then, there are scholarship searches on various scholarship websites.

Civic Organizations, Churches, and Employers

  • Research what is available in the community.  Check out possible scholarships with your employer or your parent's employer.
  • Consider organizations and churches where you and your family participate.

Scholarship Search

Additional Internet Sites for Outside Scholarships