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TTC Logo Guidelines

Using the College’s Logo


The logo serves many purposes, the most important being to strengthen the awareness and image of TTC. As the primary graphic symbol for the College, the logo serves as an identifying icon to the public. Appropriate use of the logo on all official communications advances the image of the College in a professional and consistent manner.


Following are guidelines for using the logo for Trident Technical College.


  • The logo is one unit (three words and a graphic):  TTC Logo
  • The type (wordmark)  Trident Technical College Wordmark is an integral part of the design and cannot be separated from the graphic. The graphic above the wordmark cannot be used alone.
  • An EPS file to download the logo and logo/tagline is available from Information Processing and the Marketing Department. 
  • When using the logo, proportions between the graphic and the wordmark must be maintained. The relationship between the size of the type (font) in the wordmark “Trident Technical College” and the graphic and the placement of both is critical. This is a very horizontal design that requires careful positioning. 
  • Maintain the correct proportions of the graphic and wordmark when placing or moving the logo file in a desktop publishing, PowerPoint or similar program. 
  • Do not attempt to supplement the logo by combining it with additional type or graphics, as in an overlay, circular arch or oval.


  • The College logo will be printed in a prominent location on ALL official TTC publications and printed materials (front on most) and in advertising.
  • Promotional or informational materials that are distributed off campus must carry the official logo. 
  • Using other logos from companies or organizations is sometimes necessary to acknowledge co-sponsors. Whenever possible, the TTC logo will be placed in a prominent position on the cover or front of the publication or item and other logo(s) near the TTC logo but smaller. 
  • If the TTC logo is provided to another organization to use, the Marketing Department must approve the design, application and/or placement prior to production.


  • The official College logo (graphic and wordmark) may not be altered, distorted or reproduced in any form other than the official design. It is a design element. 
  • The logo will appear on all publications, printed materials, media presentations, and other uses including but not limited to stationery, business cards, letterhead, brochures, posters, advertising, handbooks, invitations, specialty items, name tags, uniform badges, newsletters, and the official pages of the College Web site.
  • If the logo is to be used on paper in color, the correct color is Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) 202 (coated paper) or PMS 201 (uncoated paper).
  • When reproduced on merchandise or in applications other than black and white, the logo can be set up in PMS 202. The appropriate PMS 202 (coated paper) designation must be utilized when dealing with vendors. 
  • The logo and logo/tagline will be used for apparel and various specialty, merchandising or promotional items. Such use must be approved in advance by the Marketing Department.


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